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International Armoured Vehicles AGENDA 2011


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Heavy Armour in Asia: Equipment Overview

Chinese Power Projection Capabilities

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brochure_eu_2011International Armoured Vehicles 2011 Brochure
View the brochure for our International event taking place in February in London

brochure_in_2010Armoured Vehicles India 2010 Brochure
View the brochure for the Indian Armoured Vehicle conference which took place in New Delhi in November 2010

  • Heavy Armour in Asia: Equipment Overview
  • While the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq have led Western nations to focus primarily on wheeled AFVs and MRAPs, and placing less emphasis on MBTs, the emphasis in the East remains with traditional heavy armour. Dzirhan Mahadzir reports on the current programmes for Defence Review Asia. Read the latest digital issue here.

  • Chinese Power Projection Capabilities
  • An update on China’s land, sea and air capabilities, including information on efforts by the PLA to downsize in order to deploy a leaner and more deployable force. Gordon Arthur reports for Defence Review Asia. Read the latest digital issue here.

  • Plans for a flying armoured vehicle get off the ground
  • The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is moving ahead with its research into the potential development of a flying armoured car to transport soldiers on the frontline by 2015. Further information on this article can be found at the Armed Forces International website by following this link -

  • MRAP developments
  • Scott Blaney, Chief of C-IED at US Center for Army Lessons Learned, gives Defence IQ a comprehensive overview of the performance of MRAP vehicles in Afghanistan and Iraq, and provides insight into the brand new MRAP Handbook being released in October 2010.

  • Demand climbs for armoured recovery vehicles
  • With the sharp emergence of Mine Resistant Ambush Patrol (MRAP) vehicles being deployed by U.S. forces in Afghanistan, along with an increase in armoured vehicle orders across all coalition forces, the need for emergency recovery has risen in kind.

  • How motorsport can benefit armoured vehicles
  • Technology used by Formula One (F1) racing cars is being explored for its potential benefit to troops operating armoured vehicles in theatre.

  • US Army tanks explore green fuel-cell technology
  • The United States military has announced that efforts to provide its armoured vehicles with non-petroleum based fuel-cells are making progress.