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  • Streit Group Chairman outlines his exciting vision for the future
    May 2012
    It’s been an important few weeks for Canada-based Streit Group as the armoured vehicle manufacturer cemented its place at the top of the food chain in one region, while expanding into another. Guerman Goutorov, the Chairman of Streit Group, talked exclusively with Defence IQ about the company’s vision for the future after opening a new facility in Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) and announcing the establishment of a UK office.
  • UAE firm opens biggest manufacturing space in the world
    April 2012
    In the wake of their participation at International Armoured Vehicles 2012, Streit Group have officially opened their new manufacturing facility in Ras Al Khaimah
  • Prepare the Force: simulation trainers for the armoured fleet
    At the 2012 International Armoured Vehicles event, three representatives from three different international armies came together to deliver overviews of their respective training and simulation programmes for the purposes of preparing armoured vehicle battalions. The individual lessons were as fascinating as they were dissimilar.
  • UAE armoured vehicles boosted by indigenous developments
    Several of the world’s fastest growing armoured vehicle OEMs are now basing their operations in the UAE as business leaders recognise the diverse benefits in the country’s market, resources, and geographical centrality, when it comes to defence solutions. Read about the recent movements of Tawazun and Streit Group.
  • MRO a no-go: Austria to scrap its armoured vehicles
    November 2011
    The Austrian Army has announced that it is purging its armoured vehicle fleet, reducing the number of tanks from 1,147 to less than 400 over the next two years. What does this mean for the armoured vehicle market and how will it affect corporate strategies over the next few years.
  • Sold! Armoured vehicle mid-market set for wave of consolidation
    November 2011
    As Lockheed Martin explores new ways of working with manufacturers Nexter and Panhard, Defence IQ examines the increasing collaboration between companies. Is this a sign that the armoured vehicles market is set for a wave of consolidation?
  • New Saudi Arabian Humvees to counter foreign and homeland threats
    November 2011
    Saudi Arabia is looking to purchase more than 200 armoured Humvees, according to the US Defense Security Cooperation Agency who notified Congress at the end of October.
  • £1 billion investment for UK Warrior armoured vehicles
    October 2011
    UK forces were bolstered this month with the news that the contract for the Army’s Warrior infantry fighting vehicle upgrade has finally been sealed, which should see the service life of the fleet extended to at least 2040.
  • The Future of Armoured Vehicles After Afghanistan
    Defence IQ’s Richard de Silva hosts the debate with authors and academics Professor Richard Ogorkiewicz and Christopher Foss (Jane’s) on the future of armoured vehicles post-Afghanistan.
  • Can We Prioritise Armoured Vehicles capability? Armoured Vehicles South Africa discussion
    August 2011
    Read the transcript of the panel discussion at our recent Armoured Vehicles South Africa event, where commanders from the US, South Africa, and UN heavy armour divisions discuss between them what aspects their nations are willing to sacrifice, and what will remain vital for future operations. This is a fascinating insight into the honest thinking of international forces as they prepare for the challenges ahead.

article Sector Reports & Whitepapers

  • Defence IQ’s Armoured Vehicles UAE 2012 Report
    May 2012
    Ahead of the Armoured Vehicles UAE conference, this report provides an overview of the UAE armoured vehicle market, including looking at future demand, exploring the contenders for the UAE's $2 billion 8x8 tender, as well as offering insight into one of the major industry stakeholders, Streit Group, who recently opened the world’s largest vehicle manufacturing plant in Ras Al Khaimah.
  • Defence IQ’s Armoured Vehicles Report 2012
    In coordination with the Armoured Vehicles series, the Armoured Vehicles Report 2012 explores how the future of the global armoured vehicles market is likely to evolve over the next decade. Topics include armoured vehicle design requirements, key emerging global markets, the lessons learned from Iraq and Afghanistan, and the impact of the global economic meltdown as defence budgets continue to wane.

video Videos

    This year at the Defence IQ Armoured Vehicles series:

    Our 2012 Armoured Vehicles series began in London in February, before the discussion heads to the UAE, Brazil, South Africa, and Asia. See what senior officers and defence industry professionals have discovered so far.

    15 UK Defence Minister confident of armoured vehicles future
    Peter Luff MP, Defence Minister for Equipment, Support and Technology, spoke to Defence IQ during his tour of the International Armoured Vehicles 2012 event, where he praised the input from UK defence SMEs, and talked of the new approach the Ministry of Defence is taking to procuring equipment from these very companies to ensure troops on the front line have what they need, as soon as they need it, no matter the circumstance.
    15 US Deputy Chief of Staff of the G8
    Lieutenant General Robert Lennox began the first day of conference presentations at the 2012 International Armoured Vehicles event and summarised for Defence IQ the key areas of development and ongoing challenges in this field. “Providing soldiers with protected mobility is our number one priority,” he told the delegation, before updating those in attendance on the GCV programme and what the industry needs to do to assist forces in the near term.
    15 Chief of US Armor on upgrades, training and long-term strategy
    Defence IQ’s Richard de Silva speaks with Brigadier General Thomas James, the US Armor School Commandant and 46th Chief of Armor, for the Maneuver Center of Excellence, as International Armoured Vehicles 2012 saw its fourth day of discussion. Speaking on aspects ranging from simulation and training, as well as why the US vehicle fleet has seen a shift from to 40% armour to 60% cavalry, BG James recaps on a few of the points made in his extremely well-received presentation
    15 Senior perspective on Polish armoured vehicle requirements
    Brigadier General Slawomir Wojciechowski joined us after his presentation at IAVs 2012, at which he candidly discussed the needs of Polish and international forces for mobile armour in the post-Afghanistan environment. Will we be leaning towards preparation for counterinsurgency, a reprise of conventional warfare, or something else entirely?
    15 Swedish armoured vehicles
    Major General Berndt Grundevik understands the need for flexibility in the fleet in order to deal with both foreign conflict and homeland security. Mobility and firepower are two of his priorities on the list, but is finding that the process to balance capabilities is slowed by economic turmoil. Hear how he suggests we offset this issue
    15 Testing vehicles for all eventualities
    Canadian Officer Major Brian Corbett is second-in-command for the British Forces at the Armoured Trials and Development Unit (ATDU). His team ensures military and industry work together from the design phase to ensure user requirements are properly met, as well as tests upgrades to platforms before they go into full production. Here, he discusses the Unit’s current projects and the challenges he faces in this crucial component.
    15 NATO facing the IED threat
    Major Chad Carlson of the NATO C-IED Centre of Excellence is focused on neutralisation of the device, where his work to remove the device from the battlefield faces challenges from diffusing active IEDs to preventing them from getting into the ground at all. “The future is whatever the technology is,” he notes, suggesting industry must play the key role in increasing this area of survivability.
    15 Increasing “excellence” for tomorrow’s armoured vehicles
    Ted Maciuba, Director of Mounted Requirements for the Maneuver Center of Excellence, puts the feedback from the frontline into practice by driving the development of battlespace needs into armoured vehicle design and production. During a conference focus day at IAVs, he explains how network enabled warfare can be improved, what the new threats are, and how the US Ground Combat Vehicle is closing in on completion.
    15 India pioneering armoured vehicle environmental solutions
    Ensuring the armoured vehicle crew is operating in comfort has a huge impact on operational performance. The struggle to meet this requirement is now all the more important as theatres of conflict at present and in the future promise to be hot, arid, and unforgiving. Responding to this problem, India-based Fedders Lloyd has developed cooling equipment and innovated ‘total solutions’ in powering these systems for military vehicles. Following his presentation at International Armoured Vehicles, CEO Nagarajan Sridharan explains exactly how these systems are tailored for the needs of individual forces, how they are protected in combat, and why the world should consider India to be the premiere defence market.
    15 Reaching out into the African and Middle East Armoured Vehicles market
    Defence IQ speaks to David Barrs, Regional Sales Manager, Streit Group about how the company is penetrating the African and Middle East Armoured Vehicle markets as that is where the greatest need is. David also talks about Streit Group’s new UAE hub.
    15 Why the UMV is of great benefit to today’s soldiers
    Ferdinand Zoller, Senior Engineer, Ruag speaks to Defence IQ onsite and International Armoured vehicles about why UMVs, particularly UGVs, are beneficial to today’s soldier and gives an update on RUAG’s RoboScout programme, including tests, trials and operational potential.
    15 What will the future applications be for Armoured Vehicles?
    Defence IQ speaks to Karl-Heinz Weltz, Senior Defence Sales, MTU at International Armoured Vehicles about producing Armoured Vehicles in the current economic climate and how these challenges are being faced as well as giving an overview about what some of the future applications of the armour and the vehicles.
    15 Utilising COIN for the NATO Rapid Deployable Forces
    Lieutenant General Rafael Comas Abad speaks to Defence IQ at International Armoured Vehicles about current operations and challenges within these operations for the NATO Deployable Forces. Additionally, General Abad recaps some of the capability requirements he outlined in his presentation and talks about why COIN operations will remain a focus.
    15 An update on the UK’s Material Strategy
    Major General Christopher Deverell, Director, Military Strategy, DE&S, UK MoD, talks to us about updates on the UK’s Materiel Strategy which will improve the way in which the UK deals with the acquisition of new equipment and what some of the most intriguing challenges have been.
    16 Reducing the effect of blasts on vehicles through armour
    Defence IQ spoke to Roger Sloman, Managing Director of Advanced Blast & Ballistic Systems, onsite at International Armoured Vehicles 2012 about some of the trials and partnerships which the company has conducted in order to provide effective armour protection against IEDs. Advanced Blast & Ballistic Systems were awarded with ‘Best Product Innovation’ at the IAVs innovation awards.
    17 How NATO are working towards protecting the soldier from IEDs
    Major Vitor Felisberto, the Defeat Device Branch Chief for the NATO CIED Centre of Excellence discusses NATO’s ongoing efforts to counter the threat, looking specifically today at a shoft towards attacking the network, the ongoing struggle with fiscal constraints, and the omniscient low-cost, homemade devices that are still as much a threat as their more sophisticated counterparts.
    18 Live discussion: Can we prioritise armoured vehicle capability?
    August 2011
    View the 10 minute discussion at our recent Armoured Vehicles South Africa event, where commanders from the US, South Africa, and UN heavy armour divisions discuss between them what aspects their nations are willing to sacrifice, and what will remain vital for future operations. This is a fascinating insight into the honest thinking of international forces as they prepare for the challenges ahead.
    19 How open architecture can revolutionise vehicle procurement
    August 2011
    Defence IQ interviews Michael Henshaw, Professor of Systems Engineering at Loughborough University, leader of the Engineering Systems of Systems (EsoS) Research Group. As an expert in applied physics, through-life management, and Network Enabled Capability, Prof. Henshaw explains in layman’s terms the concept and application of the new open architecture concept set to revolutionise international defence procurement strategies. Based on the success of the UK MoD’s Generic Vehicle Architecture (GVA) programme, and following the discovery of the millions wasted by recent AV contracts, this is the subject that those involved in procurement, budget and through life support must understand as they move into an uncertain future. (Full interview: 32mins)
    20 Counter IED Warfare Advances Through 'Social Network Analysis'
    July 2011
    Defence IQ had the opportunity to gain some unique insight on Counter-IED tactics at this year's 5th Annual Counter-IEDs conference in London. US Navy postgraduate researcher Deak Childress shed some light on recent US military efforts to conduct 'social network analysis'. As he describes it, this is the system used to build an operational picture of an insurgent network and within it, individuals or organisations may be identified as the nodes, which further clarifies the relationships between them. They analysis may then be used to identify central nodes, organisations or actors - essentially, how that network is arranged and operates. Watch to find out what he thinks the US military is doing right - and where they are falling down - when it comes to countering IEDs.
    21 Defence IQ Report on the Ocelot (aka the Foxhound)
    February 2011
    Watch highlights from Defence IQ's exclusive visit to Millbrook Proving Ground in Bedfordshire earlier this year, where we had the chance to watch the British-designed Ocelot Vehicle in action ahead of its deployment to British troops in Afghanistan.

    podcast Podcasts

    • Roundtable discussion: Future vehicles in a post-Afghanistan world
      Aug 2011
      Our first roundtable discussion for IAV2012, Defence IQ’s Richard de Silva brings together two heavyweights of the UK armoured vehicle scene: academic and author Prof. Richard Ogorkiewicz, and Jane’s editor Christopher Foss. Together, they tackle the topics of today’s vehicle fleets, how much a difference terrain can make, and why modularity has its limits (runtime: 30 mins).
    • Operational developments in South African appliqué armour
      July 2011
      Defence IQ talks to Dr Roelf Mostert, Project Coordinator, Damascus Armoured Development Consortium, on developing new armour in South Africa for use in operation and how this armour will protect Light Armoured Vehicles against blasts. Roelf also explains what he sees the key developments to be with armour and armoured vehicles over the next decade.
    • Countering the Blast and Saving Lives: MRAP Vehicles Promise Crew Survivability
      February 2011
      Scott Blaney is the Counter-IED Chief from the US Army Center for Army Lessons Learned. Here he outlines the history behind the push for technological development in armoured vehicles survivability. MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) vehicle development has been rapid but effective, and has ultimately benefited from feedback from the field.