Sponsors and Exhibitors

2012 Sponsors & Exhibitors include:

If you are interested in sponsoring or exhibiting at Armoured Vehicles UAE 2012, contact Richard Brookes now at sponsor@iqpc.co.uk

NIMR Automotive

Website: www.nimr.ae

NIMR Automotive is a vehicle manufacturer based in Abu Dhabi, providing a portfolio of products to address the varied needs of international Armed Forces and internal security organizations. A subsidiary of Tawazun Holding, an Abu Dhabi-based strategic investment company which is engaged in the long-term development of UAE’s industrial manufacturing and technology capabilities, NIMR Automotive develops and produces customizable, interoperable platforms, offering transport solutions for a wide range of combat and non-combat scenarios. NIMR Automotive has been set up to develop and produce a wide range of interoperable platforms, fulfilling the requirements of new combat warfare based on high mobility, high versatility, stealth and high protection levels. NIMR Automative is exhibiting at Armoured Vehicles UAE; please visit www.nimr.ae for more information

Featured Exhibitors:

Streit Group

Website: www.armored-cars.com

At Streit Group, from our origins in Canada, we have grown to become the world's largest privately-owned vehicle armoring company, a success built on the proven performance of our customised security and civil armored vehicles in some of the most testing conflict zones across the globe. Streit Group's formidable range of extremely capable, well protected, and competitively priced up-armored and armored vehicles incorporate many of the lessons learnt from saving multiple lives over the past 20 years.

Streit's growing portfolio includes personal protection vehicles, cash-in transit vehicles, heavy-duty cash-in-transit trucks, law-enforcement vehicles and vehicles for military tactical units. Armoring can also be provided for existing civilian platforms such as custom-built luxury sedans and SUVs. Before going into the field, Streit's vehicles undergo extensive terrain and ballistics testing. They are also designed to comply with the most rigorous of certification standards, in line with the company's focus on producing vehicles of the highest possible quality.

For the future, we are continuing to enhance our capabilities as part of an ambitious expansion programme from 18 locations across the globe to satisfy the exacting requirements of customers in over 100 countries. A massive new facility in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) at Ras Al Khaimah underlines Streit Group's commitment to serve the defence and security marketplace of today, and tomorrow, and brings our total production capacity up to an unprecedented 520 vehicles per month.

Al Taif

Website: www.altaif.ae

Al Taif Technical Services is a leading Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul services provider for defense-related land systems, armored combat vehicles, tracked and wheeled heavy utility and ground support equipment in the UAE and Gulf region. Al Taif was launched by Mubadala as part of the drive to create a world-class support system for the UAE Armed Forces and operates in close collaboration with the General Head Quarters of the UAE Armed Forces. Our mission to become the optimum strategic partner of choice by consistently exceeding the requirements and expectations of military and civilian customers through the delivery of world-class services in MRO, Training and R&D, as well as supply and logistics services to support defence-related land systems.

International Armored Group

Website: www.interarmored.com/

International Armored Group (IAG) is an armored vehicles manufacturer with over fifteen years of experience in the industry, having supplied thousands of armored vehicles to government agencies, military, embassies, financial institutions, and private security companies around the world.

IAG operates state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in the United States and the United Arab Emirates specializing in the production of customized commercial and military armored vehicles, such as SUVs, sedans, Armored Personnel Carriers, Cash-In-Transit vehicles, large passenger transport vehicles, ambulances and much more.

IAG is one of the first companies in the world to obtain a complete armored vehicle certification in Germany under BRV2009 standards certifying the design, quality and survivability of our armored vehicles. IAG’s vehicle successfully defeated over 430 shots and various grenades, land mines and TNT explosives.

Associate Sponsor

DCD Protected Mobility

Website: www.dcd.co.za

DCD Protected Mobility has designed the world’s leading landmine detection system and is the OEM of the Vehicle Mounted Mine Detection (VMMD) system which has been tested in accordance with NATO standards in the USA and France. We are a socially responsible, international systems house, providing sustainable protected mobility products and solutions for the defense sector by developing intellectual property in partnership with governments, customers, suppliers and communities. With Critical Solutions International, we have been a consistent and reliable resource to the US Government and other international customers for the fielding and support of mine protected and detection vehicles and systems.



Website: www.aselsan.com

ASELSAN, located in Ankara-Turkey is a high technology, multi-product company that designs, develops and produces state-of-the-art products and systems for military and professional applications since 1975.

ASELSAN have expanded its technological capabilities and product spectrum by the know-how and experience accumulated through the major defense programs undertaken.

ASELSAN is active in the fields of; military communications, radar, electronic warfare, electro-optic, navigation & avionics, weapon systems and modernization, C4ISR, naval, homeland security and traffic & toll collection systems.

ASELSAN have successively upgraded the Leopard 1 fleet, and a Leopard 2A4 prototype for Turkish Land Forces, and is the main sub-contractor for the development of Electronic and Electro-Optic Systems for ALTAY Turkish Main Battle Tank Project.

ASELSAN; also sustains its competitiveness in the international arena, with its export to 37 countries and active participation in NATO joint research/development and production programs.


Website: www.advanced-blast.com

ABBS is currently focussed exclusively on Active Blast Protection Systems for armoured vehicles.

Three novel, patented concepts have been identified, and UK MOD funding has been provided to carry out development and Proof-of-Concept trials. All are based on active systems designed to minimise the effects of under-belly mines.

The first system is designed to mitigate or eliminate the global acceleration of vehicles hit by mines, and is identified as VGAM (Vehicle Global Acceleration Mitigation). The system is easily applied to existing vehicle designs where the vehicle belly plate/floor design is adequate for the design specification, but global acceleration is excessive.

The second system VAFS (Vehicle Armoured Floor Stabilisation) is designed to reduce floor deformation, and uses similar technology to the VGAM system, but the force generated is applied directly to the vehicle floor/belly plate structure. This system is less easy to retrofit, but could be applied if a substantial recap is carried out.

The third system is designed to reduce the effects of the mine blast on the vehicle belly plate and floor by intercepting the blast wave generated by the mine. This is achieved by actively using the belly plate to delay the impact of the blast wave.

DRS Technologies

Website: www.drs.com

DRS Technologies designs and builds rugged and transportable environmental, power generation and decontamination equipment used for armored vehicles and other ground applications. Our products include environmental control units that regulate the quality and temperature of the air in harsh climates and under hazardous conditions (including NBC filtering); refrigerated food containers that operate independently of external power sources; efficient auxiliary power units, mobile power generation units and micro-grids that meet the increasing need for power in tactical military applications and decontamination units that sanitize and clean equipment returning from the field.

Fedders Lloyd


Fedders Lloyd Corporation Ltd. is one of the pioneer manufacturing companies in Air-conditioning & Refrigeration in India with over 50 years of expertise in diverse activities related to Defence Vehicles, Railways, Metro, Telecom, Retrofitment, etc.

We are executing huge orders for Ruggedised Environmental Control, Air-conditioning and Heating Systems for Armoured/Tracked and Wheeled Vehicles, Armoured Ambulance, NBC Recee Vehicles, Missile Launchers, Mobile Radar Stations and Defence Shelters.

The Group has several manufacturing and trading establishments in India, UAE and Czech Republic.


Intelligent Safety Glass (ISG)

Intelligent Safety Glass (ISG) is an established ballistic glass manufacturing company, located in Dubai, UAE. ISG intends to serve the increasing demand of ballistic glass both in domestic and the global market.

ISG has acquired the latest advanced machineries and employed highly qualified personnel with 10-20 years of glass manufacturing experience.

ISG will promote strong business relationship with clients by producing high quality products based on international standards and best delivery terms. Our ARMAX and ARBLAST glass products are suitable for bullet resistance and anti-blast applications. ISG provides the best security and safety solutions where the highest protection is required.


Website: www.timoneygroup.com

Timoney is a world leader in the development of driveline and mobility solutions for special vehicle applications. Timoney independent suspensions, axles, final drive units, gear boxes and steering systems have been adopted by major OEM’s for defence applications for nearly 40 years. Timoney continues to be the development partner of choice for leading defence platform manufacturers and research agencies, providing expertise in vehicle dynamics at all stages of development cycle, from concept through to series production. A flexible approach to hardware supply has seen technology transfer programmes established to support local manufacture of Timoney products in 5 continents. Timoney continues to be involved in product supply, technology development and IP licensing on a global basis.


Website: www.tyron.com

Tyron has invented the world’s first ever multi-piece rubber runflat insert which can be fitted in the field to both military split rims and ordinary tubeless wheels, giving superior off road capabilities with runflat capability up to 150klm exceeding the Finabel standard. In addition we have developed the R4 wheel incorporating an ingenious beadlock design for armoured 4x4 vehicles. Fitted with the new runflat they allow you to travel on or off road for over 50klm with all 4 tyres deflated. Tyron continues to develop runflat technology and offers local support through its extensive worldwide sales and service network.